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"Rock" music has an infinite number of sounds and descriptions. It is different to every person that creates it, every person that travels thousands of miles to hear a two hour set, to every person lost in the middle of the greatest guitar solo they've ever heard without even leaving their bedroom. Rock is addicitve, it is euphoric, it is a hundred different things to a hundred different people.

The thing that makes Rock Music so wonderful is also its greatest down fall: There are endless possibilities of creation, which means there is no way of ever being able to take all of it in. Most of us are stuck with whatever the large media companies decide that we should be listening to, or the smaller bands we manage to find on the fringes of iTunes and Amazon. What else is out there?

I built to find the best rock that I'd been missing, and to showcase the unshowcased. is set to become the premier internet stage for bands that have yet to get their on-air dues, and for music lovers who want to hear tomorrow's 'It' band today.

Maybe your band is signed to a label but is struggling to get your music to the masses. Maybe your band is unsigned and unheard. Maybe your band is you in your basement with a guitar and GarageBand. If you're making good music, Rocksposure wants you to join our community of artists. Each month we will select feature artists for Cover Stories on the Main Stage. Rocksposure Radio will broadcast your music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also will review the latest albums, shows, and events on a regular basis. Check out our Band Resource area to find gear listings, musicians, and other promotional assistance.

If you're like me and just want to hear some great new music, look no further. We are working to build the internet's largest collection of artists that you've never heard, and a Gig Calendar to let you know when and where they'll be rocking live.

If your band fits the description, or wants to share its music in a new online venue, join the Rocksposure family by filling out our Rockspose Me! Form. We can't put you in the spotlight if we don't know where to find you! And if you should hear the band that rocks your local watering hole twice a month, we want to know about that too. Drop us a line at and we'll give 'em a listen.

So add us to your bookmarks, and stop by often because there will be a lot of good things going on around the site. I hope you like what you see and hear. If you do, pass the word along -- we need some Rocksposure of our own!

Welcome to

Chris Brach
Founder of

P.S. If you have any tips for the site, or would like to contribute, hit me up at



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