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Surf Rock might sound like California, but only Brooklyn could churn out the Psychedelic Surf Rock sound of the Tyburn Saints. While they wear the Surf Rock tag on some of the tracks from their album "For the Benefit of Strangers", it doesn't even begin to describe this band that encompasses several different styles of Rock in one album.

But then again as our short history has shown us, it's not like you'd expect anything less from a New York Rock act.

Following a brief hiatus, the Tyburn Saints are ready to return to the stage with some new music, a new lineup, and a new EP on the horizon.

. . .

From the first notes of the opening track "Forgo Falling", it is clear that the Tyburn Saints have created a record full of personal experiences that run the gambit from triumph to hearthbreak. With a distinctive vocal style that reminds of Interpol or She Wants Revenge, the they've found a way to further diversify the sound of what is already a very original NY Rock scene.

You will find a little bit of everything on "For the Benefit of Strangers". From the ballads of "Triumph" and "Hollywood Forever", to the tense guitar on "Bells" or the folky over layed vocals of "So Long Baby Sister", the album is as far from a broken record as it gets. For some artists this would create an album of mish-moshed songs that resembled a mix tape of internet indie favorites. For the Tyburn Saints, they have infused enough character into each song that they somehow make this flow work brilliantly. No track embodies this diversity better then the shift from the slower ballads to the hard rocking "Oh Sable!", my favorite track on the album. It's six minutes of echoing guitars, pounding drums, and screaming vocals; all the elements that make up a powerful Rock melody. The fast pace of "Darling Don't You Know" was a close second, but the depth of "Oh Sable!" won me over early and just wouldn't let go.

I found "For the Benefit of Strangers" to be a delightful change of course from the albums I have been listening to as of late. For those lucky enough to catch them when they return to the stage on June 8th, I doubt they'll leave feeling anything but the same way I did after listening to this album.

"For The Benefit of Strangers" is available now on iTunes (Click here)

Album Review by Chris Brach

Hear the Tyburn Saints by clicking here

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