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Label: Unsigned



Originally from a diverse mix of other bands in the Baltimore area, Rosabella joined together in 2008 with one common goal: Make great music that fans love.

Rosabella busted down the doors of the local rock scene in 2009 with their debut album, What We’ve Become. This album merges edgy yet memorable lyrics and vocal melody with energetic and intricate music that captures attention and leaves your ears wanting more. Each song walks the listener through a mix of emotions and sounds, telling a story that other bands in similar genres fall short of. Each member brings a unique style and sound to the band, and while working collectively to create music that inspires and entertains.

With standout tracks like “Something at All” and “Life as You Know It”, Rosabella proves to be a major force in the Baltimore rock music scene. While some bands would stop there, Rosabella is attempting to push the envelope and become a name that is recognizable across the country. The band has their eyes set on becoming a nationally touring band, bringing their music and live performances to thousands of fans across the country.

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