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The Gorgeous Hussies Review

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New Release of the Week: "Sweet Surrealistic Queens" by The Gorgeous Hussies

By Carly Brach

The Gorgeous Hussies are an alternative jam band from Salt Lake City consisting of Jordan Olsen on Guitar/Vox, John Chatelain on Stand-up Bass/Keys/Vox, and Ryan Smith on Drums/Sampling/Vox. The Gorgeous Hussies have a comic attitude that makes their music downright exciting to listen to, it has been described on as “Epic riffs and melodic alt-rock meets progressive jam-band showmanship; as if The Foo Fighters kissed Umphrey's McGee and gave them the tongue.”

Their new CD Sweet Surrealistic Queen is a melodic rhythmic treat that is mesmerizing, hypnotic, and just as mischievous as their band name suggests. Sweet Surrealistic Queen’s sound is dynamically diverse; from a playful Bare Naked Ladies sound, to romantic rock ballads, to a relaxed bass and guitar that reminds one at times of a Jack Johnson track. Each song has something different to offer the listener. In particular “Pop Chanteuse” has an upbeat catchy sound that will make you unconsciously begin to sing along before the song ends. The guitar in “Weigh it Out” reminds one of a grown up Blink 182 track while the supporting lyrics will make you want to groove wherever you might be standing. While my favorite track off Sweet Surrealistic Queen “Harder Now To Recognize” has a smooth groove that instantly mellows and sends the listener’s mind into a world of mesmerizing bass.

Their reputation of being the hardest working self-promoting band out of Utah is evident by their tireless touring schedule. With their dedication, shows the pure enjoyment of what they do. On their web site, they encourage fans to request songs that they can perform during some of their street sessions. A sign that reads "Will Busk Any Song for Attention" accompanies the band during these sessions. You name it, they will find a way to "busk" it, and then they will even post a recording of it on their site. This is just one of the many unique ways that the hard working Gorgeous Hussies promote their music.

Well Hussies, we at Rocksposure don’t know about the rest of the music listening world, but we hope that you don’t choose to only rock "In Our Basement” much longer.

Be sure to pick up The Gorgeous Hussies’ 10 track CD Sweet Surrealistic Queen at or download tracks at iTunes and If you still want more, be sure to visit The Gorgeous Hussies official website for Free Music Mondays.

Click here to give them a listen!

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