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2011 Artist of the Year


While we’ve had another amazing year of Rocksposing fantastic new music, picking our Artist of the Year for 2011 was a bit of an easy choice. Mindset Evolution had the type of year that most unsigned bands could only dream of and they’re beginning to make some serious waves in the music world. Based on what we’ve seen, they easily may have had a more eventful and productive year than some of the bands on mainstream radio. Their accolades for 2011 were truly impressive.

After we caught up with the band in March to capture their set in Springfield,IL, Mindset Evolution started their 2011 in earnest with the release of their second album ‘Prelude’. The album represented a true progression for the band as they built on their already strong debut ‘Taking Back Today’. ‘Prelude’ packed a punch with songs like “Clever” and “Relevant”, had a little fun with “Norma Genes”, and showed the bands depth on “Ghosts” and “Natural”. Their first album was good, but ‘Prelude’ proved to be cleaner and more polished than its predecessor (Check out the reworked versions of “Soapbox Jester” as a comparison).

Mindset Evolution quickly found themselves in elite company as June brought more success when they shared the stage with Bad City, Sick Puppies, Hinder, and Seether at 105.7 X’s Summer Slam in their hometown of Peoria. The exclusive lineups continued as their militia of fans voted them onto the Chicago tour date for the Rockstar Uproar Tour in September joining the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, Seether (Again), Bullet for My Valentine, Sevendust, and Art of Dying. Bands would kill to share the stage with any one of those acts, but Mindset Evolution shared the bill with all of them. As great as all this new notoriety and opportunities were, the pinnacle of their year was still on the horizon.

After releasing a fantastic video for “Norma Genes”, Mindset Evolution found themselves in serious competition to win a permanent spot on next year’s Rockstar Uproar Tour via the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands Contest. The dedicated mafia of Mindset Evolution fans took to the Internet, voted and spread the word like all hell. Their intense dedication paid off as their efforts helped the band earn the Grand Prize as the top winner for this year’s Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands. Having beat out thousands of bands across the country, Mindset Evolution won the spot on the Uproar Tour for next year, $10,000 in gear from Best Buy Music, and studio time to record their next album. Sweet spoils indeed!

Having seen them in action over the last year and a half, for me the most amazing thing about Mindset Evolution isn’t just their dedication to their music, it’s their dedication to their fans. On Mindset Evolution’s Facebook page, you’ll find lead singer Rob Ulrich cheer-leading on the loyal masses. Their fans respond like none other and are unlike any we’ve seen for any other band (Fanbase of the Year by a mile!). Their efforts flat out put Mindset where they are today, and the guys in Mindset Evolution will be the first to reaffirm that.

2011 was as successful of a year as an up and coming band like Mindset Evolution could have ever dreamed of. As they close out this landmark year, I can think of no better way to cap it off than to officially add 2011 Rocksposure Artist of the Year to their resume. It was exciting to see 2011 unfold for Mindset Evolution, which only builds our anticipation that much more for 2012 as they take the next step towards living their dream.

Now do you see why it was so easy to pick an Artist of the Year?

Congrats to Mindset Evolution, our 2011 Artist of the Year

Chris Brach

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