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Our new feature Sound Check will give you a first hand look at a newly Rocksposed Artist that you simply can't miss! We'll tell you who they are, why they're a must listen, and where you can find more of them.

Hailing from New Jersey, Ruby Roses have created a blusey/oldies sound that is different from anything that has graced our speakers in a long time. Through the use of vocal harmonizing, an electric organ, and a guitar fresh out of a blues bar, Ruby Roses have found a sound that is uniquely thier own. Check out the video below of Ruby Roses performing "Good Company" at the 2009 Mosh Potato Fest in NJ!

Ruby Roses "Good Company" EP is currently available on iTunes, click here to download it to your iPod

Ruby Roses is also offering a free download of their latest guitar loaded single "When She Goes Away". Click here to grab your copy!


Tour dates coming soon, check back for the latest updates

Why should you give Ruby Roses a SoundCheck?

Because their old school sound is something that your iPod is currently missing. Ruby Roses incorporate a number of their musical influences into the "Good Company" EP that will make it very familiar and easy to settle in with. "Hold You on the Phone" embodies a sound from the days that Rock n' Roll was born. With more simplistic guitars and classic background vocals, it has an ambiance that is reminiscent of The Beatles spinning on an old record player. The EP gives off a definite blues element in the guitar and keyboards on several songs including the title track and "Changing Tides". This blues tone fits right in with the strong bass guitar and harmonizing vocals that accompany it.

Probably the best sign of all for Ruby Roses is the strength of their recently released single "When She Goes Away". With a noticeable step up in its polish and recording quality, "When She Goes Away" starts strong with a tandem guitar intro that is full of grit and personality. The song quickly turns into a smooth jam that keeps very close to the sound and tone of the "Good Company" EP. "When She Goes Away" is well worth the time it takes to head over to the bands site for a FREE download (
Click Here). If this song and progression is any indication where the band is heading, Ruby Roses will no doubt find themselves in "Good Company".

Click here to learn more about Ruby Roses and to listen to a few tracks off of their EP

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