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Carly Brach takes you through this week's SoundCheck as Rocksposure welcomes it's first band from the UK.

It's easy to forget how far reaching the wonders of the Internet are, until the up start website that you write for finds a band as fantasitc and ready for stardom as The Sunshine Getaway.....all the way from the UK.

As a lover of all things rock, I am still often skeptical of bands with female lead singers. (Unless of course, you're Amy Lee or Gwen Stefani). Don't get me wrong, being a female, I support female lead singers, but often times their vocals get lost in the music or sound forced and entirely misplaced. With that said, I was blown away to discover that vocal range and power in the voice of The Sunshine Getaway's lead singer Lianna "Lenny" Carnell. A female lead singer with the energy and confidence to be heard is rare these days, especially when they have the accompanyment of a solid rock band behind them. With the support of a talented set of musicians including Ryan Stuart and Joey Hill on guitar, Mat Wilson on bass/vocals, and Laurence "Moz" Mosley on drums it's hard to not get exited over each song.

TSG enters the Summer enjoying touring success from their recently recorded material as well as the excitement of two new singles that will be released over the next few months. To truly get a feel for The Sunshine Getaway and to experience the energy that they bring to the stage, don't miss the video for "Open Windows". With a sound reminisant of a more polished Paramore ballad, Lenny's roller coaster vocals create excitement with every lyrical phrase. The hard-hitting drums of Moz and vibrating cords of Ryan, Joey, and Mat rythmically give this song some serious depth. The video does a great job capturing the tension of the disintegrating relationship that Lenny sings of. Like the song itself, the video constantly builds and shifts to match the ups and downs of the argument she is playing out. It's a great song and a great video, check it out below!

From their hometown across the pond in Exeter, UK, The Sunshine Getaway is gearing up to aggressively hit the road this summer. With gigs all over the UK, they are eager to take their newly recorded tunes on tour. If you're like me and in the U.S., check out their My Space, Facebook, or
Rocksposure Profile page for more content.

"Open Window" single available on Big Cartel NOW!!!

Jun 21 2010
Exeter, Exeter

Jun 24 2010
The Croft w/ ALL OR NOTHING Bristol, UK

Jul 9 2010 8:00P
Timepiece w/ ORANGE (USA) Exeter, Exeter

Jul 10 2010 8:00P
The Brass Monkey w/ ORANGE (USA) Hastings, Sussex

Jul 31 2010 1:00P
The Lincoln Imp w/ LOST ON LANDING Scunthorpe, North Linc

So why should you be listening to The Sunshine Getaway?

Their clean, fast brand of rock speaks for itself, it's impossible not to get caught up in it from the time you press play. But if you need more convincing, they will be giving you two new reasons by the end of Summer in the form of the new singles "The Highest Part" and "This Mystery". Releasing June 21st, "The Highest Part" is a high tempo, fast paced track. The song starts with some serious attitude as Moz's thundering drums are quickly accompanied by the dueling guitars of Ryan Stuart and Joey Hill. Add in the heavy bassline by Mat Wilson and this is one hard song to walk away from, the energy sucks you in.

We were also given the privilege of checking out "This Mystery", which you won't be able to hear until August 23rd. "This Mystery" starts out slower but absolutely showcases the talent of lead singer Lenny Carnell. Starting the song solo with nowhere to hide, Lenny is clear and on key throughout, she has no issue finding places to work in the full range of her voice. The track starts a little slower than "The Highest Part", but TSG builds into a edgy jam by the time all is said and done. "This Mystery" is an extremely catchy track that is well worth the two month wait!

Click here to learn more about The Sunshine Getaway and to hear a few of their songs!

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