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Lotus Crush - "Half Light Morning" Review

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Album Review
Lotus Crush - "Half Light Morning"

By Chris Brach


Experience is everything in the music business.  And when you can multiply this experience by bringing together musicians who have seen the road, industry, and life from different perspectives, the results are often times an incredible collaboration that couldn’t be created inside the box of a band that has gone from start to finish together.  After one listen, this perfectly sums up Lotus Crush and the ten track album, “Half Light Morning”, that releases Tuesday, March 1st.

Lotus Crush is the creation of lead Candlebox guitarist Peter Klett and former Driveblind vocalist Terry McDermott.  Following some successful writing sessions in Klett’s Seattle studio in late 2009, the pair decided to take the project full on by rounding out the lineup with Candlebox drummer Scott Mercado, Johnny Bacolas of the Phantoms on bass, and John Luzzi of Second Coming on guitar.  Every song on “Half Light Morning” comes from the collective life experiences of the band.   “When we write, it's no holds barred,” says McDermott. “These songs represent a lot of hope, loss, coping and our lives in general.”


While you may be familiar with some of Klett and Mercado’s work from their days with Candlebox, you won’t find many places that the paths of these two projects cross.  Lotus Crush has a fresh sound all its own: nuances of grungy guitars are coupled with upbeat rhythms and very solid lyrics.  Case in point is the absolute gem of an opening track, “Black Hole Heart.”  A soaring guitar melody brings you directly to your first introduction with the clean voice of Terry McDermott.  With electric and acoustic support, the guitar harmony is beyond striking and in excellent contrast throughout the song.  The immediate take away from “Black Hole Heart” is the passion that Lotus Crush has for this project. It would be hard to miss with the energy on this track.

Half Light Morning has a good mix of slower jams to go along with some of the edgier tunes on the record.  The lyrical relationship struggles of Back to You, Let Me Go and Modern Man are truly relatable experiences.  Its easy to settle right into the message as Lotus Crush hits their stride musically.  Equally sound are the ballads Sparkling Braces and The Last Night, the latter of which acoustically tells of a soldiers circle of life.  Its raw, relevant, and as real lyrically as you can get.

With the band members
origins ranging from Seattle to Scotland, the musical influences of Lotus Crush are vast.  But regardless of where they got their start, there is no doubt that they all know how to crank up the tempo and rock.  Gunnin Hunny features some aggressive guitar work by Klett and Luzzi  with some powerful vocals from McDermott.  Mercados building drums behind Bacolas swanky bass line do an excellent job conveying the tension as McDermott screams Im gunnin for you honey cause I gotta make a change, before its too late.  While only a few songs on the album are at this pace, they transition right in with the others as Half Light Morning is a very well laid out disc.

Of all the songs on
Half Light Morning nothing sums up their dedication to the band better than In My Veins, a gritty rock song proclaiming that the music is all they need to keep going. Give me the music that runs through my veins, dont let me lose it it wont be the same. cries McDermott as he declares the most important premise of all: Without the music, why bother?  

And with those words you know exactly why Lotus Crush was born.

As the Webmaster and Founder of Rocksposure.com, Chris Brach is always looking for new music from up and coming rock bands.  You never know, they could be our next Artist of the Month!  If there is something you think he should give a listen to, email him at GetRocked@Rocksposure.com

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