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Trucker Diablo - The Devil Rhythm Review

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Album Review
Trucker Diablo - "The Devil Rhythm"

Article By Chris Brach


Like a big rig motoring down the freeway, Trucker Diablo puts your speaker’s pedal to the metal from cover to cover on their debut album “The Devil Rhythm”.  The trucker cap wearing band from Northern Ireland is pure Rock and Roll, plain and simple.  If you’re looking for soft rock mixed in with some cheesy ballads, keep looking, you won’t find anything of the sort on “The Devil Rhythm”.

Formed in 2008, Trucker Diablo has quickly gained a large following in Northern Ireland and beyond.  Comprised of Tom Harte (Guitar/Vocals), Simon Haddock (Guitar/Vocals), Glenn Harrison (Bass Guitar), and Terry Crawford (Drums); the band has quickly drawn the acclaim of  well known rockers like Ricky Warwick (Thin Lizzy) and Joe Elliot (Def Leopard).  Upon release of “The Devil Rhythm,” Trucker Diablo held the top spot for MP3 Downloads on Amazon UK in 2010 with their single “Juggernaut,” no small feat!

“The Devil Rhythm” is heavy, energy packed rock n’ roll.  This album is the ticket to wake up your Summer BBQ or house party.  Opening with the rousing drinking anthem “Drink Beer Destroy”, Trucker Diablo drives straight through your stereo with a thick bass line and a declaration that it’s time to party.  Setting the standard for what is to come on the album, “Drink Beer Destroy” is fast as hell and packs a punch from the first note.  It’s the perfect lead into their hit single “Juggernaut” which stampedes through at the same pace as the opener.  As the band jumps into “Big Truck,” they start in a slightly slower gear in terms of speed, but the song loses nothing in its edginess or quick guitar licks as the tempo quickly picks up.  

“Dirty Love” is probably the most mild track on the album with its light lyrics, Classic Rock vibe,  and smooth guitar solo.  Trucker Diablo differentiates their sound on a few songs by adding a creole flavor to the guitar on “Voodoo” and slips in a little blues with the intro on “Never Too Late to Sin”.  Outside of that, it’s business as usual with their catchy lyrics and blazing guitars for the duration.  

The pace of the songs is so quick that they cruise by leaving you wondering where the rest of the album went, but you soon realize that you just trucked through ten fantastic rock songs (Get ready to hit the ‘Repeat’ button).  Having found an effective and addictive style of rock, Trucker Diablo has mastered their niche in the rock world with “The Devil Rhythm”.  Blazing fast Hard Rock and trucker caps probably aren’t the first thing you think of when hear the words Irish Rock Band put together, but after hearing Trucker Diablo, they’ll start to fit quite well.

"The Devil Rhythm" is available on iTunes

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