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Label: Unsigned


Jason Froehlke- guitar
Danny Norland - bass
Miguel  Luna - guitar
Mark Hedlund- vocals
David Hedlund- drums


Mankato Minnesota has been home to long-time original rockers Diesl since 1998. A band formed by bassist Dan Norland, singer Mark Hedlund and guitarist Jason Froehlke and with the help of friend/guitarist Ryan Peters, Diesl set out to find a drummer. Their very first rehearsal, being stopped by a drummer no-show, was quickly saved by Mark suggesting his "little brother" fill in. Drummer David Hedlund, still in highschool at the time, was quickly snatched up for his unique and superior talents. The band started writing songs immediately, and after the early departure of guitarist Ryan Peters and eventual replacement with guitarist Miguel Luna, Diesl wrote what they lived and felt everyday.

Taking from classic influences like Iron Maiden and Metallica, the ingenious rock of Incubus and Alice in Chains, and the pop sensibility and song writing of Jimmy Eat World, Diesl's sound is aggressive without being overbearing. Straying from the cookie-cutter image and utilizing their wide array of musical influences, Diesl has created a raw and yet technically impressive rock sound with a pop edge that has allowed the band to endure over 10 years of changing fads and short - lived trends in the original music scene.

DIESL on Rocksposure Radio
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