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Track By Track: Bleeding Ink

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Article By Chris Brach

The name says it all: Bleeding Ink. Everything these guys write, sing, play, or scream echos with an unmatched passion for their craft. If there is one thing that is evident from their newly released self-titled EP, it’s that the efforts of Kevin Davis (Drums), Eric Aleshire (Bass), James Pinkerton (Guitar / Vocals), and Frank Scalise (Vocals / Guitar) are tireless.

Need proof? We’re taking "Bleeding Ink" Track by Track:

1. “This Attitude”
- Guitars and crashing cymbals greet you like a full-on audio assault to the opening of the song and the EP. Between Davis’ drums and the heavy bass of Aleshire, this song is beyond an attention getter. The aggressive guitar riffs leave little doubt if the song was appropriately named as attitude is by far the most fitting adjective to describe just about every aspect of it. Building off of a strong instrumental section midway through, “This Attitude” belts out a few more screams before slamming to an abrupt halt.

2. “Picture Day” - This track might be a touch slower and mellower, but there’s still plenty of room for an edgy guitar hook. The song maintains a looming feeling throughout as if it could break into full tempo at any time. Through some amazing restraint it only storms up a little before wrapping up. It’s actually a better fit than if it had picked up to the pace of “This Attitude” as it helps the songs stand on its own without being blended into the EP’s opener.

3. “Hush” - Going the acoustic route on “Hush” shines the spotlight on Scalise’s vocals. This song is powerful lyrically, “When all is forgotten you silence the ghosts, but the demons are screaming out loud” cries Scalise, “When all is forgotten.....I’m in deep”. As he sings through a tale of pain and frustration, the acoustic setting allows for a pure and passionate delivery.

4. “Nameless” - Pinkerton’s ever-changing guitar defines “Nameless” throughout the song. What starts as a more subdued sound, finds its way into and out of a more forceful riff. Bleeding Ink overlayed some keys into this track and it adds considerable depth to the song. While “This Attitude” is by far the most aggressive track on the EP, “Nameless” is the most intricate.

Bleeding Ink has several shows planned to celebrate the release of their EP, the largest of which will be April 20th in Columbus, OH. If you’re lucky enough to swing by one of their upcoming shows, you’ll be treated to a free copy of the four song EP courtesy of their sponsor Jagermeister. Head over to Bleeding Ink’s profile to hear a few of the songs and to find details on their upcoming shows.

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