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Our feature Sound Check gives you a first hand look at a Rocksposed Artist that you simply can't miss!  
We'll tell you who they are, why they're a must listen, and where you can find more of them.

With a sound they describe as invigorating and magnetic, Orlando's Ratham Stone is hard at work honing their indie-rock songs into music that you can't help but relate to.

So what is Ratham Stone? In their own words,"We can’t tell you, some questions are meant to be left unanswered and some stories meant to be left untold, some day we will, but for now WE are RATHAM STONE."

Having just finished their second EP, "Hearing Colours", Ratham Stone is ready to share their hard work with the world.  The guys spent the Summer recording the EP, shooting a new video for their first single "Grab the Gold", and organizing a CD release show that is both totally kick ass and very much in the spirit of the holiday season.

To give you a taste of what they've been working on prior to the EP's official release date of November 30th, we've got the video for the first single "Grab the Gold" below.  Check it out!

Given that "Hearing Colours" is releasing in the heart of the Holiday Season, Ratham Stone wanted to set their CD Release Party apart from what most other bands would have done.  They're hosting a four band bill called "Music Feeds Basic Needs" where they will be accompanied by The Reprieve, SMB Project, and Stockholm.  It's a way the band feels they can help give back during the time of year when it is needed most.  Rather than worry about what they'll make at the door, all proceeds will be going to the Second Harvest Food Bank.  Donations ranging from perishable items to cash will be accepted at the door (Click here for full details), every little bit helps as this is a busy time of year for food banks across the country.

Ratham Stone has planned a great night of rock for a cause the will benefit those in need in Central Florida.  

If you are in the area on
December 2nd, you won't want to miss this unique event!

Given the great video and unique show that Ratham Stone has on tap, you probably won't need any further convincing to give "Hearing Colours" a listen.  But we're going to give you our review anyway!

Ratham Stone has been a Rocksposed Artist for several months now.  Their previous singles "East Bound Train" and "Nothing More" have been regular favorites on Rocksposure Radio and they showed their strong following in our first ever Artist of the Year competition.  Given the quality songs they recorded on their previous EP, I thought I knew what to expect from this solid indie rock band out of Central Florida.   I never would have guessed the band could have improved and polished their sound up as much as they did on their follow up "Hearing Colours".

"Hearing Colours" is a diverse seven song EP that ranges from edgy rock to slower ballads, all of which contain down to earth, relatable lyrics.  Ratham Stone sounded good on their previous EP, but the band's sound reaches new heights on this album.  The music seems to mesh together better, from Adam Lipinski's vocals to Joe Hodgin's guitar, it's a considerably cleaner flow.  There is an unmistakable refinement to the band's sound and it will be exciting to see how much further they can fine tune it as they continue to push their musical limits.

Much of the album has the feel and sound that we have come to like and expect from Ratham Stone.  Mellow jams like "I Left Love" and "Maybe" carry the tone that has become the band's signature.  Lipinski's voice doesn't have the largest range, but he delivers his lyrics in a way that carries all of the emotion necessary to deliver the message.  Throughout the EP his voice reminded me of Stephen Jenkins of Third Eye Blind or Richard Patrick of Filter on some of their own slow jams.  It works very well with Ratham Stone's brand of rock.

The band pushes the limits of their indie-rock genre tag with a few aggressive jams on "Hearing Colours".  "Anywhere Away From Me" opens with a great guitar intro followed up by a strong tempo from drummer Andrew Maffettone.  Throughout the song, Hodgin's guitar runs the spectrum from intricate mini-solos to softer tone setting riffs.  The tempo changes in the song make it truly memorable and give it a considerable amount of character.  "Grab the Gold" also falls into this category of heavier songs as it opens with Maffettone's quick pace and Daniel's clean bass line.  It's a great fast paced song that pushes the band beyond what I expected to hear when I pushed play.  These two songs caught me by surprise in the best way possible, it is a great direction for the band as it really shows off each of the member's musical skills.

The band continues to keep you guessing with "Late Night", a slow beat driven track that showcases some rap and rhymes over a great melody from the band with Lipinski singing the chorus.  It is an unbelievably catchy song, in a far different realm from any other song I have heard from the band.  To work a track like this into an EP was a nice touch, generally this is something that would only find its way onto a full length album.  This collaboration really worked well for the band.

"Hearing Colours" was a big step up for Ratham Stone.  They are a dedicated bunch that work very hard at their music, and it comes through loud and clear.  Their level of creativity on this EP begs the question,  "What they will come up with on the next one?"  I for one can't wait to hear where they go from here.

-Album Review by Chris Brach

"Hearing Colours" will be available November 30th on iTunes

Learn more about Ratham Stone by clicking here

As the Webmaster and Founder of Rocksposure.com, Chris Brach is always looking for new music from up and coming rock bands.  You never know, they could be our next Artist of the Month!  If there is something you think he should give a listen to, email him at GetRocked@Rocksposure.com

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