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The Ghosts of Laura Palmer - 'The Funks on Me' EP Release

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'The Funks On Me'

EP Release

The Ghosts of Laura Palmer are Andy Gulotta and Mario R. Martin; soul + funk DJs from the Midwest. Analog mixtape masters, the Ghosts stay true to the styles of old, relying on the hiss and pops of classic vinyl. They have drawn attention from the fashion world and musicheads alike. They played at motorcycle Mecca, the Harley Davidson Museum, as well as small clubs. They are crate diggers, feeding their hunger for analog. And now, the Ghosts are revolutionizing DJ culture with a new model for releasing music.

It's been a chaotic year. The Ghosts have tirelessly played live as much as possible in support of their debut. Exhaustion set in and caused the cancellation of all remaining Midwest dates for the year. The rest proved to be exactly what the Ghosts needed. Rested and rejuvenated, the Ghosts returned to the vaults to begin work on new mixes for fans to download. What resulted was unexpected.

While flipping through vinyl, the Ghosts unknowingly created a new model for releasing music. In an attempt to make it simple for listeners to create their own mixes from established mixes, the Ghosts decided upon an “E.P.” release model. “I asked Andy what he thought of the idea of interchangeable mixes, so a shorter multi-track recording could be sequenced by the listener, instead of by the artists. He loved it,” says Ghost Mario R. Martin. The result is a 5-track E.P. whose tracks are not separated. The intention is to have a set of tracks meant to be listened to together, and after multiple sets are available, they can all be burned to a single CD by the listener in whatever sequence they desire. Additional mixes are in the works to be released over the course of 2012.

It might be harder to see a live set by the Ghosts, but now they are making it possible to sequence their mixes. Set to spend more time in the studio and in the analog vaults, the Ghosts vow to make their live sets special. Residencies and tours become taxing, but the Ghosts are taking a whole new approach to their craft. Playing live is no different in their minds. “We canceled our dates because we want each set to be special. There’s nothing special about overexposure,” said Martin. “We play when we feel inspired and creative, and we refuse to be passé.”

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October 31, 2011 on SFP Recordings (Click Here)

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