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Rocksposure Turns 1!

About Rocksposure

One for the Ages!!

It’s hard to believe that it has been a full year since we introduced to the world, but our first birthday is upon us (We’ll give you an address to send our gifts to later). While I expected to get interest from many of the aspiring bands around the country, I never guessed how far reaching our simple site would get in the first year of it’s existence. Almost 50 bands are a part of the Rocksposure family, and every one of them brings a unique sound that has attracted followers to our site and radio station.

In one short year the pages of have been viewed over 21,000 times by over 7,000 visitors. A truly astounding number of hits for a new site in a genre that is flooded with other options. We’ve seen hits from all 50 states, Canada, numerous countries in Europe, and a handful of other locations from around the globe. We’ve even attracted a few artists from the U.K. But we’re not stopping there, in fact we’re just getting started!

Now that we’ve established ourselves with some street credit among the rock music masses, year two is about improving and making it an even better destination for rock bands and those looking for some new rock for their radios! We will be adding some new features to the site throughout the year and making some changes to some that have been around since we launched. We want this site to be something you can’t live without. If there is an article you would like to see, a band you think should be featured, or any other feature you think is missing from the site, we want to know. The web is flooded with other music blogs and sites, we want ours to be the first one you check everyday.

One area we are looking to grow this year is to increase the number of people that contribute to the site. If you know someone that attends every show at your favorite local venue, have them get in touch with us. We’d love to add some fresh perspectives from different areas around the country. If you’re a writer, photographer, or graphic artist; we’ve got a great place to showcase your material! was built on the premise of bringing good music to the people that wanted to hear something different. What sets us apart from every other music site on the web is that our goal since day one has been to bring you what is good about a band or their music, and that is something that won’t change. Most other music sites are quick to point out what is bad or why you shouldn’t bother buying something. We listen to every band that submits a Rockspose Me form,but not everyone makes the cut. So if it’s on our site, we think it is worth a listen.

We’ve met some great people in our first year and it couldn’t have happened without the help of a few people that contribute their time to a site that is free to the folks that read and follow it. Without the assistance of Joey Tayler, Kristy Kramer, Carly Brach, Brian Brach, and Terry Tayler; wouldn’t look like it does today. Thanks to them for their continued efforts.

As a site that is free to the bands featured on it, all we ask is that you keep spreading the word to your friends and fans. The more traffic that we see on the site, the more exposure your band gets, and the easier it is for us to generate new material!

So keep rocking, and check back often for new music, bands, and feature articles. But most importantly, thanks for helping become a success!

\m/ !!!

Chris Brach

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