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By Chris Brach

'The City that Never Sleeps' is home to The Constant, a four piece band that proudly embraces their 90's music roots. The band started with lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Steven Baggs following some success in NYC after winning a song writing competition. After getting several interviews and opportunities with local NYC rock stations, Steven began to hand pick the band that would help him take his music to the next level.

With a sound that embodies many different flavors of rock music, the band is comprised of Baggs (Vocals/Guitar), Gary Warner (Lead Guitar), Matthew Michael (Bass), and Lawrence Turco on the drums. The Constant have enjoyed a strong following in the 'Big Apple' and are more then ready to get their unique blend of rock out to the masses.

The six track, self titled EP lays down a great starting point for The Constant. Every track has its own set of influences, which play strongly into the bands reputation of diverse rock. With songs that encompass everything from the deep sound that is reminiscent of O.A.R. to the punky sound of Fall Out Boy, the EP has at least one song that will get stuck in your head regardless of your rock preference. In only six songs, they truly cover all the bases of modern rock.

Past relationships and life experiences are the main drivers behind Baggs' songs. While many bands go this route and turn songs into mediocre ballads about broken hearts, The Constant do a phenomenal job translating the emotion of the lyrics into hard driving Rock n' Roll. When Baggs sings "
I'm addicted and it's vicious, I'm too weak to stop" on the track "Bad News", the edgy guitar and drums clearly convey the struggle that Baggs is singing about. The same can be said of "Torn", as Michael thumps through a heavy bass line, the music tells just as much of the story as the lyrics do. It's a connection that enhances every song on the EP.

The Constant add depth to a few of the tracks by including a piano, which gives a significant amount of character to the songs. Without it, "Never Let You Go" would not have the tense sound that only the piano could invoke. The light and almost playful opening on "All We Are" would be equally lost. The piano is very well placed when it is used, and the fact that the band didn't try to force that sound into every song makes it stand out when they do.

The band recently released the heavy bass track "Better Off Without You" on their My Space page (Which is also now on regular rotation on Rocksposure Radio). Every member of The Constant stands out on this song and is a great listen both musically and lyrically. If this is a sign of where the band is heading, their evolution is going in the right direction. Fortunately, we won't have to wait long to find out as The Constant are currently in the studio working on their next release which they hope to have out early this year.

As the Webmaster and Founder of, Chris Brach is always looking for new music from up and coming rock bands. You never know, they could be our next Artist of the Month! If there is something you think he should give a listen to, email him at

Click to hear a few tracks off of the self titled EP on The Constant's profile page

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