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About Rocksposure

About Rocksposure


ROCKSPOSURE was founded by people that truly appreciate music for what it is, not how it plays on the radio, with one purpose in mind:
To find and expose as many unheard, underappreciated bands around the country as possible.

Today's media scene is a tough world to negotiate. The masses only get to hear what the big corporations think they should hear, not what might be the newest or edgiest sound out there. Our mission is to get unheard music to the masses by not just creating a site on the web, but a destination for bands and fans alike. Whether you stopped by to enjoy an article on our Featured Artist that is playing up the street from you this weekend or to read through some of the Album Reviews while rocking out to Rocksposure Radio, we hope you hear and read about something you haven't heard before. Because in the end that is what music is about, breaking the template and challenging the borders for something better, something different.

ROCKSPOSURE is here as a resource. If there is something that we should be listening to or something you would like an article about, drop us a line. And if you like what you see, please spread the word. The larger the crowd, the louder the encore!

Whether your band is signed to a label and just needs some help getting heard or unsigned and unsure where to start, make Rocksposure your home.

ROCKSPOSURE: Showcasing the Unshowcased



Chris Brach - Founder/Webmaster
An avid music lover for as long as he has been rocking this third stone from the sun, Chris came up with the idea for Rocksposure after hearing his favorite band, at his favorite venue, in his favorite city. Dissapointed that so many good acts go unnoticed, he decided to do something about it, and here we are today.

Chris proudly hails from the Southside of Chicago and enjoys all forms of rock (as long as they are played loud as hell).
Email Chris at

Joey Tayler - Editor / Critic
Joey Tayler would have finished the Great American Novel and adapted it into an Oscar-winning screenplay years ago, were he not distracted so easily by Chicago/Milwaukee area concerts, his Netflix cue, fantasy football, "Rock Band 2," the new Golden Age of Television, and whatever indie or classic rock record he can't get out of his head that week. Joey joined Rocksposure hoping to pad his collection of new vinyl records and ... shit, the one where Homer is a missionary is on. Gotta go.
Email Joe at

Bryan Wawzenek - Writer / Critic
Wouldn't you know, it's time to write Bryan's bio and he's just not feeling very clever or cool. What a shame, because, you know, Chris's bio is up there and it's all rocking out. And there's Joey's and he's made a "Simpsons" reference, which is great, but I don't ... wait, I'm sorry, Bryan doesn't have much to say. Bryan has to refer to himself in the third person in these web bio things. It feels weird, but that's the way it's done, you can't fight it. Well, Bryan can't fight it. Bryan is running out of space, so Bryan just wants to let you know that Bryan's written some pieces about music for this site. Of course, if you've been turned off by all this and don't want to read my stuff, I can't really blame you. I'm not even going to try to fix that one. And neither is Bryan.
Email Bryan at

Brian Brach - Scout
What! Another Brian on this web site?? Well at least I spell my name right, Brian with a 'Y' what a joke! Seeing as there is already another person with my name on the site, I guess I will have to go with my appointed nickname. My brother, who started this whole deal, has started calling me "The Boy Scout"
(1. I am younger than him, / 2. I love to search the internet for unsigned bands and help them find an outlet / 3. Iím pretty sure based on my height I could still pass for a Boy Scout.) My love of music started really young while riding in the back seat of my dadís car listening to 8-track tapes of Chicago, Led Zeppelin and one of my favorites Elton Johnís "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road". My teen years were great for music. It consisted of my brother buying CDís and me stealing them. Hey Chris, I'm pretty sure I still have your Alice in Chains Unplugged in my case. I have become such a music junkie that I even made my wife play Rockband while she was pregnant so my kid would start his musical influence early. Todayís result: I canít keep a pair of sticks or a guitar out of the kid's hands and heís only 2! Mozart may make a kid smart, but Rock will make him a legend.......and hopefully boat loads of money.
Email Brian at


Want to contribute to the content on Rocksposure? Send a sample article to GETROCKED@ROCKSPOSURE.COM

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