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Top 5 Rocksposed Songs of 09

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By Chris Brach went live on October 5th, since then we have run across a number of phenomenal rock acts that we have had the pleasure of adding to our site. In this short time frame, we have Rocksposed almost 20 bands and added almost 50 of their songs to Rocksposure Radio. So what better way to end 2009, even though it was a short year for Rocksposure, than to do what every other site is doing and celebrate the top 5 songs that we Rocksposed and added to Rocksposure Radio!

5. Small Town Sleeper - Can you Relate Too
The best way to describe this song is 'Radio Ready'. From the first time I heard this song live, I knew that it was only a matter of time before this group from rural Ohio made it to the big time. "Can You Relate Too" was one of the songs that actually gave us the idea to create A song this good deserves a chance to be heard by as many people as possible, as does the band Small Town Sleeper.

4. Drohan - Slightly Damaged
Raspy Guitars, a heavy bass line, and a fast paced beat immediately drew us into "Slightly Damaged". Hard rocking from start to finish with a great guitar solo in between, Vancouver's Drohan shows just how hard they rock North of the border. If you like this song, check out their latest video for the song "Neon Jesus" on our You Tube Channel.

3. Decibully - Live by the Lake
A track off of the two year project that the band referred to as their own "Chinese Democracy", "Live by the Lake" is an excellent indicator that the indie music scene is alive and well in Milwaukee. Mellow yet deep, "Live by the Lake" only scratches the surface of "World Travels Fast", but Decibully wasn't named our December Artist of the Month and voted Milwaukee's 2009 Rock Band of the Year for nothing.

2. Sleeping in the Aviary - Write On
This track from our first ever Artist of the Month is great off the album (Which if we had an album cover art award they would have won hands down), but to fully appreciate the intensity and antics that are Sleeping in the Aviary, check out the live version of "Write On" on our You Tube Channel. A manic pace, a frantic pit in front of the stage, and a beer shower pretty much sum up Sleeping in the Aviary live.

1. Jettison Never - Chemical
Choosing which track would be our number one Rocksposed song of the year was no easy task given how many good songs we came across over the last few months; however, the one that I just kept coming back to was Jettison Never's "Chemical". Instrumentally solid with intricate tempo changes throughout, this song from the Tennessee trio claimed the top crown for 2009. The speed of "Chemical" will leave you wondering how Jettison Never was able to make that much music with only three instruments, especially for how clean the end result is. A truly great song by a talented band that is hard at work on their Sophomore effort. is looking forward to more from Jettison Never in 2010. Can they defend their crown?

In our short history, we hope we've Rocksposed you to something new that you liked and hadn't heard before. Be sure to check out these and all of the artists we Rocksposed in 2009. And get ready for 2010, it is going to rock even harder!

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