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Forgotten Souls of Antiquity

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When you hear the Forgotten Souls of Antiquity, the first thing you'll think of probably won't be hardcore or punk rock, but that's exactly the background the three members of this Cleveland Ohio trio claim, playing in bands that go all the way back to the late 80's. Taking the ethos and energy of punk and infusing other styles with it's slimy, translucent glow instead of using it's confining structure to otherwise melt peoples eardrums with the audacity that is rock and/or roll it's what the band is all about. "It's fun to play at 90 mph, but it gets old after a while" says the groups primary songwriter and guitar player, BillMike. "We like to take the things we like out of each style and mix it all together to make something that isn't necessarily new, but still fun to listen to and play. Bluegrass, punk, jazz, it's all dance music."

While the band's sound may hearken back to the golden era of rock and roll, they're still old punks at heart, recording their debut album totally DIY in a grimy basement full of broken equipment, and writing the songs while they were still recording them. "We used this kick-ass old analog 8 track tape machine I have" says Jay, "and knocked out as much of it on that as we could before transferring to digital. Using computers is a pain in the ass. There's no knobs to turn!" The CD is released on Cleveland's tolmie terrapin press, home of the great sludge/tunnel rock band the mole people and France's The Dictatophone.

While only being formed in the summer of 2010, the band has already played with recognizably national acts, none of whom we're gonna list here! "It always bothers me when people tell me who they've opened for," says BillMike "It sounds so egotistical; and really, nobody gives a shit anyways." Look for the Forgotten Souls of Antiquity to be playing in the Midwest and beyond this year!

Forgotten Souls of Antiquity is......
Jay - drums
BillMike - vocals/instruments
Shack - bass/vocals


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