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The Plaine Truth Review

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Album Review
The Plaine Truth - "Alive"

By Chris Brach

“Killer Rock Songs with Soul”........That’s how The Plaine Truth describe their funked out formula for rock. Drawing from influences that range from Stevie Wonder to Led Zeppelin and The Black Crowes, founding member Brian Plaine has put together a sound that is as energetic as it is catchy.

The Plaine Truth has a unique dynamic to go with their one of a kind sound as Brian Plaine fills the ‘Phil Collins-esque’ role of being both the drummer AND lead singer for the band. A difficult combination that is beyond a rarity given the amount of work it takes to get behind the kit and play a show while still maintining clean vocals. Plaine got together with guitar player Yoav Thaler in 2004 to lay down some songs and see where the creative process took them. They further solidified the sound by adding in the funk filled bass line of Anthony Mancebo and found the last piece of the puzzle in background vocalist
Charlene Ibrahim. The result of this well put together collaboration is a smooth, soulful sound that sticks with you long after the album is over.

The band released “Alive”, a five song EP in mid-2010 and has been supporting it in the NYC scene ever since. “Alive” is a well paced EP as it starts off with the title track which introduces you to The Plaine Truth’s sound. While the opening track starts with more rock than soul, the band gradually begins to move away from the regular rock song you thought you were listening to and into the deeper, more complex sound that has become their signature. By the time you make it to the other side of the solid guitar solo, you’re in another place all together.

On “Borrowed Time”, The Plaine Truth adds the ‘soul’ element to their music with keyboards and Mancebo’s funky bass line. This slower paced jam puts you in a serene place from the first note. It’s so smooth I’d go as far as to describe it as relaxing, you’re partly left thinking that all that’s missing is a cigar and drink in hand to make the night complete. The Plaine Truth is plenty comfortable serenading you at this tempo, but as I said before, they laid the EP out perfectly to keep you along for the ride. As they transition into “Gone Away”, Plaine’s drum work brings the pace up to a level that leaves you wondering how he could be carrying the rhythm and belting out the lyrics at the same time. With his vocals and drumming both equally clean, Plaine pulls off his double duty assignment at a level that would make even Mr. Genesis himself proud.

Of the five songs on the EP, my favorite was without a doubt “Pocket Full of Soul”. To me, everything right down to the title embodied the unique identity that is The Plaine Truth. Plaine and
Ibrahim shine on the vocals with a perfectly matched harmony and are accompanied by some of the most funk filled guitar and bass I’ve heard grace a rock song in as long as I can remember. “Pocket Full of Soul” is an excellent piece of music that builds and changes with soulful swagger. It’s an insight into the band and what they stand for, so it’s only fitting that they take the opportunity to sum up the EP perfectly as they close the song, “Never gonna be on my own, way down below, I’ve got my pocket full of soul” . You believe them, because with a sound this smooth, its hard not to want to take it anywhere you go.

"Alive" is available now on iTunes (Click Here)

Hear a few tracks from The Plaine Truth by clicking here

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