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Whether you are listenting to Illustrated Man's first release "Music for Your Own Personal Drama" or their latest album "Welcome to your Life", you are immediately immersed in a musical journey.

A large departure from 2004's acoustic "Music for your Own Personal Drama", "Welcome to your Life" takes you musically from the cradle to the grave as you drift through Illustrated Man's unique mix of electronic rock.

Seth Launer, Dereld Padilla, and John Wall have composed a musical storyline that every listener will be able to relate to. From the early life experiences of fitting in at school on "Begin to Unlearn" to the increasing teenage angst in "Old Enough", "Welcome to your Life" feels like a personal journey that was written just for you. As you move through life and near the end of the cycle, the reflective lyrics of "Snowfall" and "No Longer King" begin to conclude your journey of both the album and life.

So long, see you in the Spring

Given the drastic departure from their original album, Illustrated Man seems void of any limits when it comes to their music. It is fair to say that whatever sounds they are able to mix up for the next album, it will surely be a journey.

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Illustrated Man is.....

John Wall - vocals, dreams, nightmares, words

Seth Launer - landscaping, things with strings and other sounds

Dereld Padilla - icing

Label: Unsigned
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