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WillowShade is the work and talent of five individuals who have the set goal to make and play rock n roll till' they throw us in the dirt. Formed in early March of 2007, the band has achieved some great things from the time they first played cover songs in the drummer's garage, to playing shows with some of the industry’s best acts.  The band’s sound is unlike any you will here. It's a scientific blend of face melting guitar riffs, powerful melodic vocals, thumping "nasty" bass lines and "thunderous jaw dropping" drumming. WillowShade is gonna bring it everytime, whether it be on stage or the studio. We make the music really come ALIVE! We want to bring our style on music to the world, we believe our music has really reach out to people that have heard it and we just wanna keep spreading the magic. We're going to write music that feels good. Whether its a rockin ass tune or a more laid back approach were going to make it and play it to the best to our abilities. So to all who have never experienced a WillowShade show, we seriously urge you to come out to one, we want to leave you shocked and knowing that was one of the most BADASS shows you'll ever see! So look on our schedule pick a date, and BE THERE!  

Courtesy of http://www.myspace.com/willowshademusic

Willowshade is......

 Nick Miller - Lead Vocals
Anthony Thomas - Guitar
Christian Tumamao - Guitar/Vocals
Tyler Robertson - Bass/Vocals
Corban Burke - Drums/Vocals


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