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Lethal Dose - Get Injected

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Album Review
Lethal Dose - "Get Injected"

Article By Chris Brach

Photography By Zulie Alvarez

The best way to describe Lethal Dose is assault by guitar. Their music is aggressive, clean, heavy as hell, and ready to rock on their recently released album “Get Injected”. It’s fast, angry, and in your face from start to finish.

The three piece rock band out of NYC started like many bands do, as a simple jam session. After some fine tuning and writing sessions, Lethal Dose set their lineup with Lo$ Espada (Bass and Vocals), Dan Melendez (Lead Guitar and Vocals), and Felipe Rivera (Drums). While the band has a wide range of influences, there is an unmistakable tone of solid early 90’s metal in their music. If you liked Metallica’s “Black Album” or Megadeath’s “Cryptic Writings”, stop reading this now and download “Get Injected” (Then of course find your way back here to finish the article while you listen to it!).

Keeping with our mission, has featured some diverse genres of rock to start 2011 and Lethal Dose’s “Get Injected” is another breathe of fresh air from the music on Top 40 radio. Nothing starts an album like a track titled “Fistful of Blood”. Scared by that? Well if you have some kind of guitar phobia you should be, because the heavy riffs and incredible solo on this opener will blow your mind and send you running for the hills. Lethal Dose runs wide open from the opener straight into “Can’t Get Enough” and there is no shortage of metal chords on the third track “Ask God Why”. Everything about “Get Injected” screams energy and power, the band has hit on a great combination musically and their chemistry shows on every song.

While a lot of bands can play fast, aggressive rock, few that I’ve come across have the polish that Lethal Dose brings to the studio. Espada and Melendez’s vocals and string work are flawlessly clean, Rivera never misses a beat even at the breakneck speeds that Lethal Dose maintains. Typically in bands of this genre you find sloppiness covered up by speed; not the case with Lethal Dose.

If you were hooked on how “Get Injected” opened, you’ll be happy to see it all the way through. The band doesn’t relent an ounce of tempo on “Out of Control”, “Rock and Roll Junkie”, and “A’nt Made For Rock N Roll”. About the only time they slow things down is for the final track “Darkest Days” which opens as a bit of a guitar ballad. It’s a nice way to wind down an otherwise furiously paced album.

If you’re in the mood for something heavy, fast, and edgy look no further. Lethal Dose has everything you need in “Get Injected”. If that’s not your cup of tea, then I guess you’re just not cut out for old school rock.

"Get Injected" is available now for purchase (Click Here)

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