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Rosabella - "What We've Become" Review

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Album Review "What We've Become"

By Chris Brach

Is there any better feeling than loading up a brand new album on your iPod, pushing play, and being immediately confronted with the fast paced shredding of a guitar? If you ask me, it doesn't get much better than that when it comes to music. Why waste any time?? Just get right to it! Apparently our Artist of the Month, Rosabella, feels the same way I do because that is exactly how they start their new album "What We've Become".

Rosabella is quickly making a name for themselves on the East Coast. Based out of Baltimore, they've received regular air play on local Baltimore station 98 Rock's show "Noise in the Basement" and they were also the Baltimore Finalist in the Road to Cruefest 2. While pleased with what they've accomplished on the local scene, Rosabella hasn't stopped there; they have also climbed into the Top 100 Unsigned Artists on Myspace Music. With their success starting to blossom outside of the Baltimore city limits, there is little doubt that Rosabella is ready for the national stage.

In 2008 Anthony Hurley (Vocals), Adam Iacarino (Lead Guitar), Shawn Segal (Rhythmn Guitar), James Schwallenburg (Bass), and Eric Altvater (Drums) all came from diverse musical backgrounds to form the sound that Rosabella has become so known for. Quick drums, intricate guitar solos, and strong vocals are prevalent throughout the debut album "What We've Become". From the time you are introduced to Rosabella on the first track "Something At All," the energy of the band is unmistakable. A frantic guitar lead in transitions into a slower paced groove just in time for singer Anthony Hurley to get the first verse in before the pace picks up again. Iacarino's unique and addicting guitar work absolutely leads the charge on "Something At All." I found it hard to get away from the song without wanting to hear the opening lead in again!

Rosabella slows the tempo down just a notch as they head into the second track "Caught Up with You" and throttles it back even further on the following track "Cold Winter". Both tracks maintain the sound they started the album with, but embody a little different feeling from the band. On "Caught Up with You", Altvater gives an extra snare roll during the intro that gives what would have been a standard beat more of a militant rhythm without sounding overdone. The drumming really stands out on "Caught Up with You." Altvater keeps you guessing as to where things are heading and it works for every second of the song. "Cold Winter" is a nice groove that breaks the pace before Rosabella brings out the heavy riffs for the rest of the album.

As they return to the speed they started the album with on the title track "What We've Become", Rosabella breaks out a slightly darker vibe that is accentuated by Segal's rhythm guitar work while Schwallenburg thumps out a heavy bassline as Hurley sings,
"You lie to me, you cry to me your tragedies...". The aggressiveness of the title track and the final song on the album "Sinister Love" feel right at home for Rosabella; the diverse musical background of the group shows throughout both tracks. "Sinister Love" wraps up the album with a great guitar solo and some cool vocals by Hurley. While I haven't had the chance to see them live, this song has to have people tearing the house down!

"What We've Become" is available for download on iTunes. With the success and following that they have gained in the Baltimore area, coupled with a solid debut album, good things are ahead for Rosabella. After spending a week with the album, we know what we've become.....Rosabella fans.

As the Webmaster and Founder of, Chris Brach is always looking for new music from up and coming rock bands. You never know, they could be our next Artist of the Month! If there is something you think he should give a listen to, email him at

Click here to learn more about Rosabella and to hear a few tracks off of "What We've Become"

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