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Our new feature Sound Check will give you a first hand look at a newly Rocksposed Artist that you simply can't miss! We'll tell you who they are, why they're a must listen, and where you can find more of them.

Philadelphia's Red Letter Life is quickly gaining a strong following on the East Coast due to their evolving sound and unique musical dynamic. Bruce Hubbard, Gabe Steriti, and Dave Goodman formed Red Letter Life with one goal in mind: To use their music related college majors and experience from the road to deliver a sound that could gain a following across the country. With their Self Titled EP available now on iTunes, RLL is currently in the studio recording their first full length album which is due out this fall.

Red Letter Life's Self Titled EP is currently available on iTunes. Click here to download it now


Aug 27 2010 2:00P
Washington & Jefferson College Washington, PA

Why should you give Red Letter Life a SoundCheck?

With influences ranging from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin, Red Letter Life embodies a sound from years past while offering a diverse flavor among the six tracks on their self titled EP.

Tracks like "Abbey" and "Ashes on the Sun" have a tone that is remincent of great piano rock from the 70's. RLL allows the piano to play a prominent part in their sound on these songs which gives guitarist Gabe Steriti the opportunity to move away from a rhythm role and focus more closely on the well crafted solos. This freedom for the lead guitar gives both of these songs an old school sound on what is otherwise a more modern record.

A faster tempo by drummer Dave Goodman on "Cannibal" and "Everyone Knows It" carries the band into a slightly more modern sound. "Everyone Knows It" is actually the first song you'll hear on the EP and introduces the band with an up beat, 'poppy' track. It's a great introduction for lead singer Bruce Hubbard as the clarity and range of his vocals are immediately evident and carry throughout the rest of the EP.

Be sure to check out "Everyone Knows It" and "Ashes on the Sun" on Rocksposure Radio to see what this SoundCheck has truly been about!

Click here to learn more about Red Letter Life and to listen to a few tracks off of their EP

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